December 12, 2013



Oh hey.
Here I am. Writing! I love writing! I used to spend hours putting my writing right here. In fact, I spent three full years divulging quirky tidbits about my vagina or my hometown or my poor mom within the slippery tabs of this here blog. I was basically exploiting myself and my experiences for nuggets of relatable human truths or realizations. All for solidarity. It worked! It was an amazing three years. This blog taught me how to write. It introduced me to people I would have never ever met before. It opened avenues I didn’t even know about. It got me jobs. It got me published! It helped me feel sane. It brought me comfort, love, validation, safety. It let me empty out my brain, expose myself, and realize I’m not alone. It helped me see that humans are funny and fucked up and weird and normal and really all the same.

This blog was my best friend. And I truly loved everyone who read it.

And then one day I stopped sharing my writing. It felt wonderful to experience all those realizations and embarrassments and then keep them to myself. It hasn’t been the same going through life without letting the internet know about it, but there is something really powerful in privacy, and it’s time I explored that.

I have let this blog stagnate because I couldn’t bear the thought of letting it go. My best friend! But I think it’s time. I need some closure, man. Every time I accidentally click on its tab in my browser and see the last post from months ago, I feel funny in the tummy. It’s that guilty feeling like running into an ex that you still really care about but you know it would never work. Eeek. I will continue to write. In fact, I write a lot, though now with many more run-on sentences that fall into documents with titles like ‘imightbeinsane,’ ‘whatthefuck,’ and ‘ihatetitles.’ I will continue to publish articles in other places– maybe even a Humans Are Funny Best Of. You can always find them here:

Thank you! Thank you for reading. For helping me grow. For writing to me. For being my faraway friends. For being there. For listening. For laughing with me. For crying with me. For giving me advice. For teaching me things. For being my family. All ten of you. It was a great time.

Humans Are Funny
2009 – 2013


Shanyn December 12, 2013 at 1:39 pm

I truly loved(/love) reading your stuff – it always inspired me. I was nervous to write you years ago and ask your opinion on my writing ’cause it was like asking a celebrity to critique my (not so Oscar worthy) acting without blackmailing them. I always admired your talent(s) but I’m also SUPER admiring your life – (that’s not creepy, is it? Maybe). But I really, really hope the best for everything you’re doing because I’m sure it’s wonderful! Thank you for Humans Are Funny because it’s always been a treasure

Madgew December 12, 2013 at 2:14 pm

Will miss your blog. I will check out laurenne. com.

Maria Louise Lemberis December 12, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Laurenne — “Lorena mou!”

Congratulations on this achievement and for the great stories you shared. Looking forward to all your exciting future endeavors. Happy Holidays! Love from Athens!! Be well, happy. xoxo

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